How to travel by car with your pet?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

With the heat our desire to travel, see new places and share incredible moments with ours. Those who have pets will know that in this “ours” they are as included as any member of the family, they are part of it. There are facilities in which to leave animals safely during the holidays, but they are quite expensive and can be a traumatic moment for our furry loved ones. If you are considering a trip by car, we recommend that you do not give up sharing it with them, complying with some security measures and following very easy tips. Whether the final destination is a hotel, which must have a pet-friendly policy, as if we go with the house on our backs, in a camper or motorhome, the objective is the same: to continue enjoying different experiences with our dog or cat.

Luckily, Spain is a country with a open spirit towards pets, understanding and petfriendly. However, it is best to do research before hitting the road and come up with a plan that also includes them, starting with the destination and the places where we will sleep. We will also prepare our car so that the kilometers go by as quickly as possible for everyone, without putting our safety or yours at risk.

In that sense, the DGT has it very clear and punishes in a forceful way the non-fixation of pets in the car. In the event of an accident, not only they will suffer the worst consequences of not going tieds, the rest will have a bulk of considerable weight loose by the cabin with what this can carry. Not to mention the distractions that come when our friends start making unexpected requests or actions. Road regulations sanction this freedom of movement with up to 80 euros fine, but it can be worse. If you consider this act to be a recklessness or reckless driving it is framed as a very serious offense, with points in between.

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