How to transfer Internet from mobile to computer

Rain, snow or shine, smartphones have already become an essential accessory for anyone. Although the most curious thing is that it is usually not for its own usefulness as a telephone, but for internet access. Taking into account that a smartphone has a permanent connection to the Internet through mobile networks, an interesting use that not all users practice is its ability to share the Internet connection from mobile to computer, or even to other mobile devices.

A quick and easy function to carry out that, although it is not the most ideal for day to day, can be essential when we do not have a Wi-Fi wireless network or in the event that we experience a failure in our main connection.

How to transfer Internet from mobile to computer (Android)

Go to Settings on your smartphone. Click on Wireless and networks. Next, on Anchorage and WiFi Zone. Select Portable hotspot. Set a password to use it from that moment to connect other devices. Connect your computer to your mobile connection as you always do, using the established password.

How to transfer Internet from mobile to computer (iOS)

Click on Settings on your phone. Select Mobile data. Check the Internet Sharing box. With this option enabled, from Settings, you can start sharing your connection with other devices.

However, as we anticipated before, It is not a connection that we can maintain for the day to day, since normally our mobile data is finite. It is important that you are aware that the cost of mobile data will be significantly higher if you want to use your connection for these purposes. So, if it is a situation that you face often, we recommend that you choose a mobile rate with many megabytes.

On the other hand, it is also worth highlighting the evident speed difference compared to current fiber optic lines.


And if your intention is to make regular use of your mobile data to connect your main computer to the network, there are better options such as fiber optics, or joint Wi-Fi and mobile rates like Simyo’s, which offer Internet for the computer and the mobile phone so that it does not have to be shared between devices.

In this way, we can ensure always stay connected to the network in the most optimal way, without having to resort to a higher expense or risk that, at some inopportune moment, we “turn off the tap” of the data.