How to transfer gasoline to a relative in Venezuela and what should I do?

The gasoline shortage does not disappear in Venezuela and with each passing day it becomes a big problem for the Nicolás Maduro administration. It is already common to see the population spending the night at the side of a gas station waiting for their turn to fill their tank. There were even altercations between customers for not being able to fill their vehicles with gasoline.

The Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA stopped gasoline production at the El Palito refinery, of 146,000 barrels per day (bpd). This information is not official but it came to light from the station staff. This event is surprising because Venezuela was one of the countries that generated the most gasoline per year.

Transfer gasoline

Subsidized gasoline that is purchased through the Government may be transferred to a relative through the Plataforma Patria. For it, You just have to access the wallet although this time it will be the gasoline wallet where you will have to specify the quantity, destination and recipient to which you want to send the aid.

With the Carnet de la Patria you can access 120 liters and 60 liters for motorcycles. These amounts are those that are allowed to be transferred to a relative. In addition, the arrival of two ships with barrels of gasoline is expected to stop this fuel crisis that is shaking the Venezuelan country.