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As we well know, women have noticeable changes in their body and in their skin the years progress. Many of them are linked to your hormonal system, since they set the guidelines for generating estrogens and collagen in our body compared to 20 years ago or more.

Beauty is an issue that is of importance for women but also the health issue that is linked to the care of our skin. Like the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and skin blemishes as a natural process of the skin over the years in these signs of aging.

And to avoid the signs of aging, it is necessary start a beauty routine that have natural ingredients and some acids that will help maintain a smooth and firm skin, if you are a woman who is 40 or older, in addition to the great variety of treatments.

How to take care of your skin if you are 40

To take care of the skin of a woman of 40 or over, it is important to start with preventive beauty methods to avoid that the skin of the face and neck area is not damaged. For this, The use of hyaluronic acid is necessary to maintain firm skin.

Other treatments to prevent blemishes such as spots can be resorted to treatments like pulsed light It acts on the deepest layers of the peil and the cocktail-based mesotherapy of linear AHA, vitamin C and organic silicon.

For wrinkle reduction it is not always necessary to resort to botox or invasive cosmetic surgeries. Experts recommend nutricosmetics It repairs cellular mechanisms and strengthens the dermoepidermal junction, that is, the union of two layers of the skin that prevents external factors from entering the body.

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