how to take advantage of new talent

A paid internship makes the chosen one feel more committed.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us about the advantages of a more flexible work model.

Internships are a great opportunity to change the lives of minorities.

A practitioner today can be an employee tomorrow. Labor relationships are built from many angles and even if they are inexperienced people who are looking for your company to learn, both can benefit from this modality. Receiving a student in your offices is not just anything. It is there where that person will have their first impressions of what the real world is, you will be an example of the reality of work, of how the market works and the area in which it develops. Think about it, the first impression you make can completely affect your vision for the future. Those who do their professional internships come out with dreams and ideals and are looking for a good mentor in you.

Many interns end up staying to work for companies once they graduate. Choosing someone is also a decision that has weight and can be of great benefit to you. This is someone who you are going to take care of and train, at the end of the process they will be completely soaked in what your company is, its objectives and meaning. After the time spent there, he will not come out being the same and in fact he may not even come out for several years. Recently, Forbes published a series of advice from 10 professionals in different companies, who advise on the selection process of practitioners and here we present some of their points of view.

Some remuneration

Laura Spawn of Virtual Vocations, Inc., ensures that a paid internship makes the chosen one feel more engaged. “Paid internships attract candidates who feel more committed up front and are more likely to take the opportunity more seriously,” he said.

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Don’t limit yourself

The “Home office” that produced the COVID-19 pandemic, taught us about the advantages and possibilities of a more flexible work model. This allows you to search for practitioners anywhere in the world, says Bryan Passman of Hunter + Esquire: “Since we will be mostly virtual in the near future, I say remove any geographic restrictions you may have and fish in a deeper pool of talent.” .

Be inclusive

For Sharon Doherty from Finastra, the internships are a great opportunity to change the lives of minorities: “establish contacts with social mobility charities that represent young and diverse talent and consider gender, ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances and other areas to the diversity”.

The importance of meetings

Karla Reffold from Orpheus Cyber ​​recommends forming specific groups where practitioners feel accepted. “One of the key benefits in a practice is the relationships you build both with your colleagues and with your superiors, “he said.

Show your company culture

Involve them in your culture as much as you can, is the advice of Sarika Lamont of Avantus Federal. “Keep office hours open each week, with senior leaders where practitioners can meet with other employees to ask questions about the business and leadership,” he said. “Show that you have a connected, transparent and open culture.”