We have been confined at home for more than two weeks by the damn COVID-19 or coronavirus and what we still have unfortunately. The fact that we can’t go outside has caused us to have to find other entertainment such as watching movies and / or series on Netflix, playing sports at home or playing video games on our favorite consoles.

But we cannot forget one of our favorite applications for mobile, Twitter. Twitter has become that favorite social network with which to interact with the outside world, a tool that was already essential before the health crisis, now it is more. However, it is possible that many of you are tired of being reading things about the coronavirus on Twitter every day. We understand it, it is not only on TV all day but also on the internet and social media. And since we know that you are not few, we leave you a little guide so that the damn coronavirus stops bothering us – at least – in the social network of the blue bird.

How to remove coronavirus on Twitter

Twitter has a very interesting function that is to silence all those tweets that contain words that we do not want to read. For example, if we do not want to know anything about COVID-19 or coronavirus, we will have to put these words and others related so that Twitter does not show us any content related to this. How is it done?

The first thing to do is obviously log in with our username. Mute words can be done both from a computer and from the official Twitter app itself and the steps to follow are practically the same, so we leave it to your choice, to your liking.

Once inside we will go to More options, Settings and Privacy, Content preferences and finally Silenced. Here we have two options: Silenced accounts is in case we want directly that the tweets of a specific account do not appear in our profile and Silenced words, which we currently want.

Once inside Silenced Words, we can select if we do not want to see these words forever or for a specific period of time, that already depends on each one. Now, if we have repented of silencing a word, we only have to do the same steps to deselect it. Pretty straightforward.

What words can we silence virus related?

Any other you can think of

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In the event that you continue to enter Twitter and still see tweets related to this virus, just check that word is the one you want to silence and add it to the previous list. So on until your timeline is free of coronavirus.

Of course, and as you have understood, this works with any other word that is not related to the coronavirus. From politics, video games, television shows, soccer … anything you can think of can be silenced on Twitter and honestly, on many occasions it is appreciated.

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