How to shop at Costco without having a member card

Although they ask for your Costco card to enter the store, they do not always ask for it to buy.

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One of the great benefits of having a Costco membership card is that you can have great savings on a wide variety of products. However, many think that it is necessary that you have this card so that you can access the store and take advantage of the great discounts offered here, but the reality is that this is not entirely true.

And we all know that, at the entrance of the store, there is a person who asks you to show him your member credential only to be able to enter, but technically you do not always need it to buy.

Some of the tricks you can do to buy without being a member is ask someone who is a member of the store to buy you a Costco Cash card when you are in the store.

This card works the same as a gift card and you can use it both to buy at the store, to buy at gas stations and on the company’s website, as reported in Eat This, Not That.

This card can also be used as a supply or gasoline card for company workers, as well as to give young students money to buy food, gasoline, or school supplies. In this way, parents can have more control over the money they spend.

Another way to purchase Costco items without being a member is by logging into the portal.. Here you can enter and buy everything you want without problem, just take into account that you will have to pay a 5% surcharge for not being a member.

In addition, while members can have their products delivered to their homes in a period of two days, non-members will receive it in three to five days.

It should be noted that some products in the Costco online store may not appear on the page, and others may be up to 20% more than they cost at a physical location.

On the other hand, If what you want is to buy liquor, there are several states of the country in which they do not ask you to be a member to buy this product. These states are Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Vermont.

The same goes for prescription drugs, since anyone, without being a member, can go and buy these products and even have an eye exam instead of going to an optometrist.

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