How to share Spotify songs to Instagram Stories

It is a function that includes the Spotify music application and that was natively integrated into Instagram Stories to avoid having to resort to taking screenshots to share what you are listening to.

This function not only serves to share the songs: in the stories an option will also appear that will allow followers to open that song on their Spotify just by clicking on the link.

Share Spotify Music as Instragram Story

Once Spotify opens, click on the options icon of the song you want to share. This is the icon with three dots perpendicular to the right of each song title.

As published by the Xataka portal, a pop-up menu will immediately open with several options referring to the selected song. In this list, you have to click on the Share option to go to the specific menu with all the options through which you can share this song with other people.

In the list of options in the Share menu, now click on the Instagram Stories option. It is an option that Spotify implemented to be able to share music directly with this function of the application.

Then Instagram will automatically open in the option to edit the story. This is the same menu as when you make stories from scratch, that is, you can add the texts and labels. Once finished, click on the button Your story to publish the image directly as Instagram Story.

Share songs on Instagram Stories. (Photo: Xataka)

And that’s it, the story will have been published with the image of the album and the title of the song. At the top left you can click on a Play on Spotify option, which will show the Open Spotify option. By clicking here, you can automatically play the song that appears in the Instagram Stories on Spotify.