Surely it has happened to you, on some occasion, that you forget an important event that you had to attend or carry out. Although that could be understandable at other times, it becomes too serious a mistake when we have a smartphone in our hands for a good part of the day. Above all, knowing that it is possible set up Reminders in iPhone and iPad so that no obligation is passed from sight to us again.

In addition to that, we have to bear in mind that Apple paid special attention to this need just over a year ago. Back then, the guys from Cupertino completely revamped their iOS Reminders system which, of course, affects both iPhones and iPads. And fortunately, everything indicates that this feature will continue to be present in iOS 14. We can say more. We would like to see it on Android too.

Having made these clarifications, we are going to teach you then how to proceed with Reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Reminders on iPhone and iPad 2

Set Reminders on iPhone and iPad

The first thing you have to do then, is start the Reminders application on your iPhone or iPad. At this point, if you have both devices, you will see that there are slight differences between the system interface for one and the other. However, since the keystroke options are almost the same, you are going to continue like this in both cases:

Click on “Today”, if you want to add a Reminder for today, or the day in question Then click on the “New Reminder” button to add a new reminder The Reminder settings will appear, and you can customize issues such as the subject of that pending, explaining what you should not forget such as the birthday of a distant relative, etc. In turn, in «Information», which is distinguished by the circle with the «i» inside, you can set aspects such as the date and time when the Reminder, its frequency of repetition, etc. You can make the reminder repeat daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, every 3 or 6 months, etc. You can also set a specific date when that Reminder should end

You can add all the Reminders that you consider appropriate, always following this methodology.

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