How to send photos and videos that self-destruct after being seen on WhatsApp

With the single view option, WhatsApp aims to protect the privacy of its users by sending photos and videos with this option.

Notes, horrible selfies, breakfasts, another photo of our sleeping pet – all these images are easily turned part of our photo dump. Sometimes, it is not necessary that all the photos that we send by WhatsApp remain in our conversations forever. Especially because if we don’t have the proper settings, stored on the phone reel indefinitely. They take away memory space and it becomes garbage after a few days. That is why the ‘single display’.

For this reason, the social network decided to launch an update in which you can choose to send photos and videos that disappear after the other person opens it. The steps are simple. Here we explain how to activate this new option, so you can choose which content is ephemeral and which one you prefer to stay in your chats.

How do i do it?

Photography: Harry Grout / Unsplash

According to an official statement from WhatsApp, the update was made in favor of “giving you more privacy.” For this reason, users now have the option to send single-view photos and videos, so that content disappears when receiver opens. This option applies to groups and individual chats alike.

That’s how it works:

Open WhatsApp. Get into any conversation. Select the ‘camera’ icon from the menu, next to the typing bar. Take a photo or video. In the ‘caption’ bar select the icon that appears on the right (a number 1 within a circle with dotted lines in the middle. Submit the content.

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When you do, the photo or video will not appear in the chat. Only a ‘message’ will be sent that says ‘Photo’ or ‘Video’, with the single display icon on the left. In this way, you will be able to differentiate which photos stay there forever and which ones disappear. It is a mechanism similar to that of Snapchat, in which the photos were gone when you opened the notification.

It is important to note that you will only be able to know if the person opened your content if the person has the ‘blue popcorn’ activated. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find out if they’ve already seen it. Also, according to WhatsApp, this content cannot be “forward, save, star, or share”With single display activated.

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