There are many occasions when we see that we owe money to someone, be it from our family or from our friends. To organize a party, to reserve a soccer field for a party with classmates, to pay a joint gift to your children’s teacher or simply because you owe money to someone. In these cases, resorting to PayPal allows us to do so without the need to see or touch each other and wherever we are, with free transfers between people.

Advantages of sending money to friends on PayPal

There are several advantages that make sending money to friends on PayPal a good idea if we need it, beyond the fact that it is a long-term platform and we know that it is reliable without trying new apps that they have told you about:

It is multiplatform Because you can do it from your mobile, your computer or from any device with Internet access that you have at hand.
It is safe, it is a platform that protects against fraud and that stores the financial data of users privately and securely.
It’s fast because you just have to choose the friend to send money to in PayPal, choose the amount you want to send and click on “Send”. It is possible from anywhere without need to move to the bank to make a transfer or to go to that person’s house to pay in cash.
It’s free. All transfers in euros in European Union countries are free so you can send money without any cost between individuals. You can send money abroad to friends or family. For example, if your son is studying abroad and you need him to have some extra money. Or if you want to give something to friends or acquaintances who are living abroad and are celebrating their birthday. It allows create a common fund And not only send money, you can create a joint piggy bank with friends to organize gifts, parties, dinners, etc. Also to raise funds if you want to go on a trip together, for example, an end-of-year trip.

What do you need?

All we need to send money on PayPal to friends or family is to have an account. Creating an account is PayPal is completely free. All we need is to have an account ourselves and that the person to whom we are going to send money has it. You will also need her email associated with the account or your mobile phone to be able to transfer the amount you want through the web or the application.

Create a PayPal account

To create a Paypal account, go to the payment service website. On the main screen you will see a large button, right in the central part, which indicates “Create free account”. Once inside this button we will have to follow the instructions.

Choose the PayPal account time Personal account to buy, receive money or return money to friends without sharing payment information of any kind Business account to accept payments and send invoices to customers if you have an online store or some type of Internet business .

Fill in the personal data for your account Email address Mobile number First name Last name Create password Confirm password Follow the steps that PayPal asks you to Create and confirm your account

Once you have it, you can access it to pay in different online stores of all kinds or to pay for services and subscriptions such as HBO, Disney +, etc. But you can also send money to friends on PayPal. As we have explained in the previous paragraphs, it is essential that you know the email address that they use associated with their payment account so that the amount reaches them. You can also save frequent contacts to always have them at hand.

Send money

Another of the fundamental (and obvious) factors to send money is that we have to have a valid credit card associated (not expired or without funds) or a bank account to be able to send money in PayPal to the people we want. You can also not have any associated as long as you have a PayPal balance.

Go to your PayPal account Log in with your username and password Go to the “Send and request money” section Enter the contact name, email or mobile number Choose the amount of money you are going to send


Add a note in case you want to explain why you are sending it Choose why you are making the payment

To send money to a friend: Free within the EU to pay for an item or service. The seller pays the fee. You will see the summary of the money transfer Person you are sending it to Avoid a friend Note that you have attached Associated payment method Confirm with “Send payment now” and you will have made the payment

Send money in PayPal

How to create a common fund

You can create a common fund with your friends if you want to make a collection. Surely you have ever raised money for something: to go on excursions, for a trip, for a dinner, for a gift, to organize a New Year’s Eve party … Instead of sending money by PayPal to an individual person, here you can create a pool for free and will be available to personal account holders. We will can access common funds from the PayPal app to pay what we need. And we can collect by sending the message to friends or family by SMS, by social networks, by email, etc.

Go to your PayPal website Log in with your payment service username and password Go to the website to create a common fund
Tap on “Create”
Fill in the details and establish objectives Name of the common fund Amount of the objective (optional) The common fund closes on… (optional)

Create a common fund

Click Next to get the settings Choose how much participants can pay

Any amount A minimum amount An exact amount Choose if you want show participant details, although they can choose to contribute anonymously if they want to do so voluntarily Show the names Show the amounts contributed by each one of them Click on “Next” Add, if you want, a cover image Choose a description or write why you collect the money You will see how the common fund is
Tap on “Post” to start using it

Paypal common fund

Once published, you will see that on the right side of the screen we find a link to the common fund that we can copy in conversations and WhatsApp or Telegram groups or we will see social media buttons to share it. On the left side we will see the different contributions from users or friends and the amount that each of them have contributed. You will also see on the right side that is the total money collected that you needed.

Request money from friends

You can also request money to be sent to you easily. You can do this by creating a PayPal.Me profile that allows us to receive payments easily. It is a payment page that works for freelancers, for companies or if you use social networks to pay for products.

The operation is basic:

Create a PayPal.Me page from your PayPal account You share the link of your page with anyone, through social networks or email or through an SMS with which you will request the amount from the corresponding person. In this case, if a friend owes you money. Through this link, the friend or relative can click and log in to their account to make the corresponding deposit. In a few minutes you have the money.

Creating a PayPal.Me profile is free and you can do it from your account. You will have to add a photograph of yourself so that others know that it is truly you who are sending the money (although it is not mandatory to put it) and you will have to customize the link or link that you are going to send to make payments. Do something that is easily remembered and that is associated with your name, your personal brand, your store, etc.


Once you have the link created, you will have what to check your profile and simply click on “Accept and create” to start using it as soon as possible.