How to see all the messages they delete on WhatsApp?


One of the features that many people like about WhatsApp It is to be able to delete the messages sent, either because they made a mistake and sent a conversation that they should not have, they put an incorrect sticker or because they simply regretted what they said.

If some time passes, the receiver may no longer see what they wrote and only notice the ‘message deleted ‘. This, of course, leaves more than one in suspense and doubt.

Fortunately for those who cannot stand and want to know what it was that came to them and then was erased, there are a very simple way to find out.

The first thing you have to do is go to Google Play and search for the application called WABox. Now download it.

This app has several functionsHow to download the states you like, make letters with emojis and then send them to your friends or clean all the junk from WhatsApp so they don’t weigh on your cell phone.

But the best for many is that when you select the option of ‘deleted messages‘You will be able to see all the messages, photos and videos of WhatsApp even if they have been deleted so that you do not see it.

So with this tool external to the app you will not miss anything.

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