Google Chrome It is the most used browser in the world. Thanks to its good performance, as well as its default inclusion in the dominant Android operating system, most of us use it daily. Of course, it has a huge number of interesting features, such as storing our passwords, so that we should not be remembering them. Well, if you want to recover any of them, you better keep reading. We are going to teach you how to see a saved password in Chrome.

In general, we do not need to see the password if we are using our usual devices. When we try to enter any site or platform, the AutoComplete function of Google Chrome will take care of it. But what if we are using a new terminal or if, for some reason, we simply want to know that password to have it at hand?

Well, in that case there are two alternatives. The first of them, useful under certain circumstances, would be to import passwords into Chrome (you can also export them). But, if for some reason that does not finish helping you, there is still another option to consider.

Chrome 2 saved passwords

How to view a saved Chrome password?

To access a password saved in Chrome, then, you just have to do this: Open Chrome normally. In the upper right corner of any tab, click on the three vertical dots. There go to Settings. You have to scroll to “Autocomplete” and then enter in «Passwords». Inside this screen, you will see that there is a section of «Saved passwords» In each line you will see the name of the site, the username and the hidden password. When you want to see any of them, you only have to press the icon from the eye next to it

Only with these simple steps you will have been able to see your passwords saved in Chrome.

Keep in mind that operating systems like Windows or Mac OS X will ask you to authenticate your user account before showing you this information. This, for security reasons. In any case, you only have to add your username and password to log in.

And nothing else, as easy as that is to see every password you have forgotten.

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