How to search YouTube videos by hashtag

There are many different ways to search YouTube videos, even by hashtag. We can search for them by title, limit it to certain channels, use video duration and date filters. In short, we can search for videos by any kind of filter we want.

Hashtags are not as popular on YouTube as they would be on Twitter posts or Instagram stories. However, when it comes to searching for a video, it may be the best solution to quickly find the video you are looking for in a more specific and faster way.

Many videos include hashtags, they can be seen above the title of the video both in the mobile application and on the website. Therefore, we can use them to search YouTube videos by hashtag.

How to find YouTube videos by hashtag

There are several methods to search for videos by hashtag. The most common of all is, obviously, clicking on the hashtag in question of the video we are watching. In this way we will go to a list of all the videos that are using that tag. It will tell us how many videos and channels are using that hashtag.

Another thing we can do, although less precise. It is to enter the hashtag directly in the search box, with the # sign ahead. While we will not only get results related to the label, but most will be.

If you want to search more specifically, then we’re just going to have to lightly manipulate the Youtube URL. How? We put in the address bar and any tag we want to see.

For example, if we want to see a tag that is related to “Fortnite” then we must put and in this way we can see all the videos that have the hashtag #fortnite.

A small detail to keep in mind is that the label results pages are not arranged chronologically. Actually, the best or most popular appear in the first position. So there is no way to order them.

However, it is a good way to find specific videos on certain topics more quickly. At least in this way we can find the most viewed videos on different topics that interest us.

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