A few weeks ago we told you about the case of the sailor who dropped his iPhone X into the salt water, and found it working a week later despite having been submerged 15 meters in the sea. But that is little more than a damn miracle, and the normal thing is that if we drop our mobile into the water and it does not have IP68 certification -capable of remaining submerged for a few minutes-, you have to act very quickly.

Time is key and launching a rescue plan becomes essential if we do not want to end up using one of those ‘old’ terminals that we had at home just in case. If you have dropped your mobile in the bathtub, in the pool, in a public fountain, in a puddle or on the beach, you should follow these steps quickly. Especially if it has been on the beach, since sea ​​salt is a very powerful corrosive.

Step 1

The most obvious, remove the terminal as soon as possible from where it is submerged It is crucial, and the fewer seconds we take, the more opportunities we will have. Once out of the water, if it was off don’t turn it on; if you have turned off please don’t turn it on to check if it still works. And if it’s still on, don’t start to handle it, if you can do it, remove the battery fastSince the electrical contacts of the telephone in connection with the water that has entered it can cause a short circuit.

If you see sparks fly, then there is almost nothing to do anymore.

Step 2

The problem is that many current phones have the integrated battery, so opening it is a complicated task. If the mobile has a removable battery, look for the call Water damage sensor. It should be through the battery hole and consists of a white dot or square that changes color if the phone gets wet. This is a security measure that manufacturers mount for a user to abuse the warranty.

If it has changed color then the warranty is no longer valid and we must try to resurrect it ourselves. Take advantage of this moment to also remove the SIM and microSD card if it had. Anything that can be removed from the mobile, such as housings, covers, covers, external connector, take it off.

Step 3

Now comes the first phase of drying. The best is place the mobile on a cloth and yesecarlo little by little with another cloth or some absorbent paper. You must move it as little as possible, so that the water does not spread, and check for small drops in holes such as the charging port, the headphone jack, etc.

Step 4

If you have a vacuum cleaner do not hesitate and pass it to him to the terminal, this way you can suck possible liquid remains that they have remained inside, where we cannot reach with the cloth. With this method you could dry a mobile in about 30 minutes. But if you don’t have it, don’t be tempted to use a hair dryer.

It is true that there are those who recommend it, but the problem is that the heat can be excessive for the internal components of the mobile, and the effect of blowing air that a dryer does can put possible traces of water further inside.

Step 5

After making sure that we cannot dry it any more by ourselves, we have to let nature do it and follow the indication that has gone viral on the net: Put the smartphone in rice. Certainly rice helps absorb moisture. And there are those who have revived phones like this and others who have not worked for them.

The idea is that you put the mobile inside a bag with rice or maybe with one of those Silica gel sachets with pellets anti-humidity that come when we buy a cover, a suitcase, etc. Put the phone in and leave it for a period of between 24 and 48 hours to make sure well. And rotate it from time to time to absorb moisture from all over.

Step 6

This is an extra step that you can take or not. After removing the mobile you can try to place it for a few hours on absorbent material such as napkins, kitchen paper, washcloths, etc, and leave it in the sun although watching it and being careful.

Step 7

The moment of truth: After waiting a minimum of 24 hours, put the battery in and try to turn it on. If nothing happens, whatUse the battery and plug the phone into the charger. If it lights up, it is because the battery is bad. If it does not light up, we have not been able to save it. If it turns on and you see that it sounds strange, it is that there is still some water right in the speaker.

For this there is an amazing app called Frequency Sound Generator that removes the water from the speaker of your mobile.

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