How to request shifts for Anses school aid?

The National Social Security Administration (BEFORE) began with the call to process the Annual School Aid 2021 for the beneficiaries of the Family Allowance for Child (AFH) and Universal Allowance for Child (AUH).

Annual School Aid 2021

The amount that can be collected has a maximum of $ 6,214. The aid will be charged automatically, to alleviate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Families that charge AUH do not need the book, but the requirement to present the school certificate will remain in force, which expires on December 31st.

Shift in ANSES

My Anses

The section My ANSES is what allows within the pagecarry out procedures digitally without going to an office of the entity. It can be entered with the Social Security Code.

In the section you can:

Edit in the option « Personal Information » Consult the family relationships registered in ANSES (parents, children and spouse) Modify contact information

The information is necessary for any type of procedure that must be carried out and for ANSES can send news about the benefits.

On the Anses website, procedures can be carried out, such as requesting the ANSES credit or presenting the Child Assignment Book, among others, and queries such as Labor History or informing you about the status of your procedures.

Virtual Attention

Another option is contact the Anses Virtual Attention office, where the user can carry out the procedures without having to go to the headquarters. Among the possibilities enabled, is that of claims for Family Allowances.


In order to carry out the procedures, it is necessary to access by CUIL number and Social Security Code and it will be available on business days from 0 to 20 hours.

Communication by phone

The number 130 works 24 hours a day. In addition, you can speak with a commercial advisor from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Make an appointment at Anses

Another choice can be directly asking the entity for a turn for personalized attention. Among the many options, there is that of « Annual School Aid – Presentation of PS Form 2.68 », in the section of « Shifts ANSES », in addition to completing the required fields.

How to upload the Certificate of Schooling

Enter the section « My Anses » with the social security code

Select the option « Children ».

Then « School Certificate ».

If the applicant must present the School Certificate, they must do so at:

Bring the form to the school for them to complete with the required information.

Once the certificate is signed by the institution, the person in charge must upload it to the ANSES website at: