How to remove Chrome notifications that keep bothering you

Is your mobile phone or computer saturated with notifications from websites through Google Chrome? Unfortunately, it is something common and it happens to many people considering that it is the most used browser in the world.

But luckily, there is a fairly simple way to remove Chrome notifications in one fell swoop and regain that much-needed calm, or at least have a little more control over what things you really should give your attention to.

Lets start by the beginning: Chrome It alerts you every time a website, an application or an extension wants to send you notifications. Nevertheless, It is often the case that, in a rush, we accept the receipt of such notifications by mistake and, over time, our device begins to saturate with alerts.

But, as I was saying, there is a fairly simple way to remove Google Chrome notifications that we do not want to receive. How?

Go to the menu in the upper right corner (the one with three dots) click on the Settings section. Then, go to Privacy and security and, from there, to Website Settings.

In that list you will see a subsection called notifications where we will have the opportunity to remove the Chrome notifications how much they are bothering us. We can deactivate them all (preventing any website from sending them) or, if we prefer, select, one by one, which pages we want to send these notices.

How to remove Chrome notifications on Android

Google Chrome also shows notifications in Android. Only the iPhone and iPad get rid of this option. But, just like on PC or Mac, you can remove notifications from Chrome for Android quite easily. The steps are similar to what we saw before.

After opening Chrome for Android, go to the menu in the upper right corner. There you will see Settings. And, inside, you will see Notifications. The fastest and most effective option is accept or block “All notifications from Websites”.

Below these options you will also see the web pages that you have visited and to which you have given permission or not to show notifications. At any time you can change the settings for each website. And, if you enter the tab of that website, you can also customize the notification to be visual and / or sound.

Remove Chrome notifications