How to remove background from a picture in Excel

Remove background from a picture in Excel It is extremely useful to avoid distracting people who are viewing our Excel, to help them focus on the data and not on an image. On many occasions it may be that we have the perfect image, but the background does not look too good in our Excel. What can we do?

Although, Microsoft’s office suite is not well known for its photo or image editing capabilities. However, we can find a quite interesting option to remove the background of an image in Excel.

It is incredibly precise and in a matter of a few seconds we can remove any background from a photo or image without many complications.

How to remove the background from an image in Microsoft Excel

The first thing we should do is open Excel and insert an image that contains the background that we want to remove. If this is your first time, we recommend doing it in a new document to practice.

Remove background from an image in ExcelRemove background from an image in Excel

Once we have the image inserted, the “Image Format” tab will be available. In this tab we will have to click on “Remove background” found in the “Settings” group.

The background of the image will now appear in magenta. It is precisely that color that highlights the parts that will be eliminated. Microsoft Excel is considerably good at accurately highlighting background areas that need to be removed.

However, on some occasions it may fail. If that is your case, then we will have to give some manual adjustments to be able to remove the background of an image in Excel.

Remove background manually ExcelRemove background manually Excel

To be able to mark the areas of the image that were not highlighted automatically, we will have to click on “Mark areas to eliminate” in the “Refine” group within the “Image Format” tab. If you want to mark areas that you want to keep, click “Mark areas to keep” instead.

In both cases, the cursor will change shape and will now be a drawing pencil. We simply click and drag around the areas we want to remove or keep. Depending on the option selected above.

Once you finish marking the areas, simply click anywhere outside the image to reflect the changes. And in this simple way we can remove the background of an image in Microsoft Excel. As you can see, it is extremely simple and above all fast. Likewise, if you have any kind of doubt you can leave it a little further down in the comments section.

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