How to record screen in Windows 10 without installing any application

To know how to record screen in Windows 10 has become super useful. The rise of telecommuting, remote study and digital communications has made us have to resort to these types of tools to be able to show something to our co-workers or, simply, to communicate with other people through platforms such as Twitch.

However, not everyone knows what is necessary to record the screen in Windows 10. Many people probably believe that it is essential to install applications – many of them paid as OBS Studio, one of the most used to record and broadcast on Twitch. But the reality is quite different, because the operating system itself Windows has a tool that allows you to record the screen in a simple way and without having to install anything.

Do you want to know how you can do it? In this article we are going to explain it to you step by step.

Record screen in Windows 10

Record screen in Windows 10

In Windows 10 you can record the screen while using any application or playing a video game. The recording also takes place in the background, so that you can capture those special moments that you want to immortalize without any interruption.

The first thing you should do to record the screen in Windows 10 is to open the System Game Bar, a series of options designed to record on video everything that is displayed on your computer. The fastest way to open it is by the key combination I. And, although the tool is designed to video record your games, you can actually use it to capture whatever you want, whether or not it is a video game.

Record screen in Windows 10

Once inside we will find various options. The tool allows you to take a static capture (an image), record the Windows 10 screen in video, include the audio from a microphone connected to the computer, etc.

To start recording screen in Windows 10, you just have to click on the red dot or record button. After three seconds, the recording of the application or game that you have in the foreground will start. During the process of recording the screen you will see a floating bar to mute the microphone, see the duration of the recording and / or stop the recording.

If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts Instead of clicking on the corresponding buttons with the mouse or trackpad, write down the following: you can take a screenshot with Windows + Alt + Print Screen, record the last moments of the game with Windows + Alt + G, start or stop the recording with Windows + Alt + R and do the same with the microphone with Windows + Alt + M.

Customize video recordings

Record screen in Windows 10

The tool is prepared to record the screen in Windows 10 just by pressing the record button, but It is possible that, for your particular needs, you want to make some change in its configuration. To do this, just go to Windows settings and enter the Games> Screenshots section.

In that section you can change the video resolution, specify how long the clips you record with the Record Last function should be, etc. You can also configure what is going to be recorded at the audio level: just the game, all or nothing.

When you have finished recording your screen, you can edit the video in the Windows 10 Xbox app. There you will have the opportunity to play the video, change its name or perform simple editing tasks such as shortening the duration. Then you can save it or publish it on social networks. And, once done, you can edit it with other more complete tools. By default, you will find the videos in the Videos> Captures folder of your Windows user.