How to recognize messages that do not come from angels

I have always said that the messages of the angels are actually the messages of God. They, as we well know, are messengers and the job of a messenger is to deliver the message that someone wants to deliver to another person. In this way, it is essential that we always remember that the messages originally come from God and His angels simply take care of getting them to us. Our free will determines whether or not we apply it in our lives.

How do you know or identify if what you are receiving comes from angels or is your imagination? You can recognize if what you hear, perceive or feel is not a message from the beings of light if you experience the following:

Afraid. Confusion. Doubt. If the message makes you feel guilty or inferior. If the message is abrupt, harsh, hurtful or even insulting. If the message is negative in any way. If it makes you feel that you are more than others and wants to feed your ego. If the message tells you that you can get fame and money in a short time and / or without having to make a lot of effort. If the message tells you that you can push or pull a person away ‘by force’ (that is, by violating their free will). If you receive advice to do things that you know deep down or feel are wrong or do not suit you.

These are some of the characteristics that you can take into account to recognize a message that does not come from the angels of God. Beings of light will never deliver a message or signal that seeks to make you feel bad or feed your pride or ego. God’s messages are always messages of love, peace, and harmony.

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a bestselling writer, spiritual coach and expert on the subject of love and relationships. Acquire your books here. Connect with Ana on social media: @anamercedesrueda.

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