Your account Instagram it surely hides many secrets of yours, such as photos of your kitten where it does not look good or conversations with a plant store to which you never confirmed the purchase, but whatever the case, it’s your account and you have to protect it from hacking and data theft. This is how you can do it.

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Although the word hacking actually refers to something much more complex and dangerous, In the world of social networks, hacking is basically understood to be any activity that compromises the user of an account, especially the theft of account and access credentials.

Protecting yourself against that is simple using the tools recommended by the app within its own interface and following a series of recurring strategies for online security, whether on social networks such as Instagram or on any type of platform.

Two-step authentication

The simplest of all is possibly the two-step authentication. With this, each time you log in, Instagram will ask you to corroborate your access user information with a code sent through a mobile device that you have selected or through your email. So, Even if someone has your credentials, you will always have to be the one who finally confirms access using this method.

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Change of password

Although two-step authentication is a fairly reliable tool, whenever your user information, credentials, and sensitive data is compromised, remember to change your password IMMEDIATELY.

Do not open unverified links

Phishing is the thing today. If there is a fad among people who attack accounts of all kinds, it is phishing and ransomware. To protect you against this Never open links or enter information on any type of unverified website. This will not only help you not to compromise your Instagram account, but also to take care of your life on the Internet in general.

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