He chocolate It is one of the most used baking ingredients in the world, and knowing how to handle it will guarantee you delicious and beautiful desserts.

One of the mistakes we make most often is the wrong choice of chocolate we are going to melt, that is, so that it is left with that bright and delicious appearance, the chocolate It must have a high content of cocoa butter.

That is why you should avoid at all costs using chocolate cup, because it is high in flour, and will most likely burn. Save the cup chocolate to prepare a good bowl and accompany it with churros.

Now, the two most used techniques for melting chocolate are in a water bath or in the microwave.

The water bath technique consists of placing water in a pot until it boils and then placing a bowl with the chocolate made into small pieces. The indirect heat will make the chocolate melt slowly, you just have to be patient and stir it with a silicone spoon until it is completely liquid.