How to prevent Windows 10 antivirus from sending sample files to Microsoft | Technology

Microsoft receives reports and files from every device that uses its operating system through the Windows Security system. It is a very useful security measure, but it can be disabled.

Any device that has the Windows operating system installed has the security and antivirus system designed by Microsoft. It is one of the highest rated security programs and is included in the purchase of Windows so it does not cost extra money.

This program tracks the computer in searches for threats, viruses and any bug that endangers the system and tries to bypass and correct it. After your work is done, by default the system is programmed to send reports to Microsoft.

They indicate new threats detected as attacks or security breaches. With this information, Microsoft can analyze the new threats that arise in cybersecurity and develop a protection plan for the rest of the devices that use Windows.

Windows 10 has many good things, but also a few that drive us crazy. We teach you how to deactivate them once and for all.

This is a much-needed mechanism to reduce the number of victims of a new cyber attack to the minimum possible. What’s more, Microsoft ensures that the reports do not include personal data about users, only the system and the problem detected. However, if one of the reports contains a file suspected of having personal data, the company agrees to ask the user for permission before to send the report.

In any case, if you do not trust this system, you have the possibility of blocking this function and preventing reports from being sent from your computer. The process is very simple, follow the following steps and if you have doubts, check the images:

First open the program Windows security or Windows Security, by typing the name in the toolbar search. Once inside, click on the section “Antivirus and threat protection“. You will see a menu with several options among which is”.Antivirus and anti-threat settings“. Click on the” button.Manage settings“which is just below in smaller print. Now look for the option to Automatic sample submission, there you have the explanation and the button to deactivate the function.

If you change your mind, this is the same process you must follow to reactivate it. Remember that it is a security system that all users benefit from, a global communication mechanism to detect security attacks faster. If someone gets a new virus on their Windows computer on the other side of the world, you can protect yourself with the information that their system reports to Microsoft.