How to prevent Google access to our photos?

When we upload a photo to Instagram, most of the time we are unaware of the diffusion that image may have within the Internet world.

Either because other platforms, external to Instagram, take it or because Google places it in the search engine for when they write your name or something that relates it.

That is why Instagram enabled a tool that offers more security to your publications against other applications and external platforms that are not of your consent.

Here are the tools you have.

Privacy of photos on Instagram

There are two mechanisms to solve this issue:

1- Make your account private

This is the easiest and most effective option. A private profile is impossible that I managed to leak into other internet spaces than Instagram.

2- Revoke access of third-party apps

To comply with this step we must enter our account Instagram> Settings> Security> Applications and websites.

There they will appear divided into two categories, one of them the active ones which is the one that interests us the most and another for expired ones that are no longer a danger.

Just by tapping the button « Remove » and configuring this change will be removed from our account and we can be sure that no one will access our account without authorization.

The privacy of our account is very important, so we must be aware of any function that allows us to protect our content from third parties that have other intentions.