A bitch that is close to her litter represents a great risk for those who come near

Although friendly and caring, dogs are also capable of hurting us if we do not behave properly in their presence. To help you prevent the attack of pets, in the following sections we will give you tips that can be very useful.

How to Treat a Foreign Dog

According to an article by the Kids Health organization, every dog ​​is capable of biting. It is important to remember that even the friendliest and most peaceful dog can become aggressive in the right situation, regardless of whether it is big or small.

If you are frequently exposed to other people’s dogs, it is essential that, to prevent pet attacks, ask the owner if the dog tends to bite strangers. Judging by the appearance of the animal can catch you off guard and play tricks on you.

The dog needs to see and smell your hand to build confidence, so you shouldn’t wear masks or anything that covers your face. Also, you shouldn’t wear strong essences that mask your body odor either.

What not to do with a dog

Never squeeze a dog too hard, nor do you throw it into the air. This will scare him, and make him susceptible to biting you. You shouldn’t be pulling their ears, much less their tail, either.

Sleeping and eating are sacred moments for dogs, so you should not interrupt them in any of these activities. On the other hand, you shouldn’t bother a bitch when taking care of her young, it is preferable that you leave her alone before she detects you as a threat.

Pet dogPhoto: Pixabay

Lastly, to prevent pet attack, don’t offer appetizing food with your fingers. Instead, place the food in the palm of your hand and let the dog slowly approach.

Applying these tips to prevent pet attack, you are actively working for your safety and physical integrity, a matter that is not minor and that your loved ones will appreciate.