How to play PS5 games on Android mobiles

If you have a PS5, enjoy your games anywhere in the home with your Android smartphone.

Last updated on 11/29/2020 at

The PlayStation 5 has revolutionized the video game console market since its release, being practically impossible to get hold of one and the forecast is that it will be that way for weeks. But, strange as it may seem to many, there are those who have achieved it and, if you are one of them, surely you are happy to know that you can enjoy your games beyond on the console itself.

Sony has decided that its new generation of consoles have Remote Play (as it already happened on PS4), so PS5 games can also be played on PC or smartphones. Of course, you can also do it on your Android mobile and we will tell you how.

What is PS5 Remote Play?

Playing PS5 games on Android will be possible.

First of all, we are going to explain what we are talking about. Remote play is a feature that allows you to stream and play your PS4 and PS5 games, switch games, view your console’s home screen, and navigate the console’s menus on any compatible device that is connected to your internet network.

This, put into practice means that you can start a game on your console that is connected to a television, pause the game, and continue on another compatible device. Of course, we insist, it must be under the same broadband network. You can, of course, also start the game directly on your smartphone or PC and continue it whenever you like on the console.

How to play PS5 on Android with Remote Play?

The Remote Play function is totally free for PS5 and PS4. For it to work correctly you must have the console (obviously) and connect it to the broadband of your house by cable. Subsequently, the device from which we want to enjoy this function must be connected to the same internet network and download the official application on it. We must also possess a command DUALSHOCK 4 or DualSense and finally a game.

Compatible Android Devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will be one of the devices that Android 11 supports.

PlayStation hasn’t been too picky about Android devices that can take advantage of the Remote Play feature. Specifically, any smartphone that has Android 7 or later.

Obviously, having more recent terminals or tablets has its advantages. And is that if your mobile has Android 10 or higher you can connect to a wireless controller from PlayStation. Of course, the most advanced functionalities of the command such as haptic feedback, touchpad or adaptive triggers they will not work beyond PlayStation 5.