During the last few days, Among Us has captured the attention of users, youtubers and others, reaching more than 50,000,000 downloads in stores such as the Play Store. While it is not a new game, It is the phenomenon of what we have of September, so we are going to explain how it is played, where you can download it and everything related to this game.

Among Us is free and we can play both in games with friends and in open games with players from all over the world. It’s fun, fast and easy, some of the possible keys to its great success.

What is Among Us and how to play

Among Us has a relatively simple mechanic: you are in a spaceship with several players, and there are one or two impostors between them. While the players, from 4 to 10, are carrying out small missions of maintenance of the ship, Imposters can sabotage the ship itself or kill the other crew.

The players are in the room to enter the ship, one is the impostor.

Maintenance missions of the ship are being carried out.

And when someone sees a body, they report it and proceed to vote who may have been the culprit.

The point here is that imposters must act undiscovered, while the rest of the members have to try to find out who these impostors are. I mean, we can’t go around killing left and right since, as soon as someone sees us, a vote will be held to see who the murderer is and they will kick us out of the ship.

The mechanics are simple: the crew members do missions and the impostor tries to sabotage and kill them. When someone sees something strange, you have to try to find out who the impostor is

When the game begins we are inside the ship, with several missions to do and a small map that shows us the parts of the ship (in the different rooms there are different missions to be carried out). When a crew member discovers a corpse they report it, the game is temporarily paralyzed and they all vote on who may have been the culprit to kick him off the ship.

The impostor has a kill button and hatches that he can escape through so that he is not seen.

If there has been a tie in votes or we have not discovered the impostor together, continue the game, with the remaining players doing missions and those who have died helping to do them. Imposters can also do missions to disguise, and they can sneak through hatches to escape. In case we are very clear who the impostor is even though there is no body, an emergency meeting can be called to force the vote.

The game’s visuals are light-hearted and unpretentious, which helps the game to run on virtually any phone. The controls are also very simple, since you just have to move by pressing the screen and interact with the small missions. When we kill someone the blood makes an appearance, but with the aesthetics of a cartoon, nothing excessively violent.

How to download Among Us

Among Us can be downloaded for free on Android, iOS and PC. In the case of iOS and Android, it can be downloaded for free. In Google’s operating system it is 70 megabytes in size and requires Android 4.4 KitKat to work. In the case of iOS, the size goes up to 189.5 megabytes and it is necessary to have iOS 10 or later. The game is free and without advertising, although there are micropayments for skins.

Among us


Among Us: how to play on your mobile and where to download the phenomenon of the moment