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How to outline your eyes like a professional, even if you are a beginner. They say practice makes perfect, so we’ll start with a outlined for beginnersIf you want to wear that makeup that you like so much without the lines being weird or crooked, it’s time to follow our advice.

Choose the ideal eyeliner

It is very important that the eyeliner and applicator They make the task easier, especially to avoid that the line is crooked or that it does not matter that your hand shakes, so the best eyeliners for this task are those of pen tipSince it is a hard tip that works like a pencil or down.


You may or may not curl your lashes before doing the outlining, however if you do it afterwards it may be that if you don’t have much experience you will end up a bit stained, curl your eyelashes It can also help you know where to make the peak of the cat eye and that it is not as outlined by Amy Winehouse, (may she rest in peace).


To delineate draw a thin line From the tear to half a little before the corner of the eye once you have done it place a pencil or a brush diagonally from your nose to the edge of your eye and draw a guide line that shows you where you are going to do the peak of cat eye.

This line will help you to have the same length in both eyes, once they are marked you can pass the eyeliner over the eye again and this time join your line with the diagonal line that you drew and ready, it is important that when marking the lines diagonals are the same height so that the look does not look strange.

Apply a little mask on your eyelashes so that your gaze opens even more and your eyes look more expressive, with this technique of outlined for beginners You can get an idea of ​​how to outline your eye and with time and practice you will be able to do it without the help of the brush, you can use all the colors that you like and look great.

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