Telegram has just been updated with a new version and new functions, one of them and perhaps the most prominent is the folders to organize chats. This feature It is also available from the desktop applications for Mac and Windows as long as you have been able to upgrade to version 1.9.22.

Now, if you already received the update and you don’t see the folders anywhere, it is because to be able to start using them you have to create one first. This way you can look at the new sidebar in Windows, or the top panel in macOS where your groups are displayed.

How to create folders on Telegram

Both from Windows and from macOS you must first go to the settings page by opening the Telegram menu. Once there you will find a new option called “Folders”:

You have to click there to create your first folder. In each folder, whose name you can initially choose, you can add all the chats you want, regardless of the type (direct, group, saved messages, bot, or channel).

Once you have created all the folders you wanted and added chats to them is when the Telegram interface will change to show convenient accesses to those groups. In the case of Windows you will notice it as a sidebar with icons:

In macOS it looks different, instead of a sidebar, Telegram will show something more similar to tabs, groups at the top of the chat list with the names of your folders, without icons:

It is possible to edit your folders at any time, either to change the name, add or delete chats, or delete the group completely. In Window you can even change the icon of each folder by several predesigned ones.

Just right-click on a chat in the sidebar, select “Edit folder” and then click on the default folder icon. This brings up a drop-down menu with all the available icons.