As we know, the SEO Take a look at our search engine positioning strategies. The search to optimize all the contents of a site to improve the location in Google, Bing, and other similar services. However, at times entrepreneurs often lose sight of the actions that require content that exceeds the text. So we want to teach you how optimize infographics, achieving that these statistical images contribute to increase your audience flow.

The fact is that, surely, you have heard at some point that infographics can be essential for your SEO. However, we understand that it is difficult to believe in it until the results are seen. And if you want to notice this improvement, all you have to do is attend to the next tips.

The first thing you have to understand is that, yes, there are too many infographics on the Internet. This produces that, for some to stand out, it is necessary to work very well on each of its aspects. The upside is that if you can go viral, you will embrace success for a long time with no effort.

Optimize SEO infographics 2

Optimize your infographics: what should you consider?

The importance of visual content

Something that not everyone is clear about when optimizing their infographics, is how much readers pay attention to the visual elements of a site. Since social networks occupy the place they occupy today, images are the same and / or even more important than what is written.

Studies also show that an image can be processed thousands of times faster than text. Consequently, most people prefer that kind of data. And in the field of images there are also favorites: infographics are shared three times more than other visual content.

Have you tried reading something on the Internet? You will realize that basically you are dedicated to scanning the most important points. An infographic does exactly that, and also with a better aesthetic.

Optimize SEO infographics 3Optimize SEO infographics 3

In search of the viral infographic

As with what is written, before launching into creating an infographic, we must review the market a little. That is, analyze which are the infographics that go viral, what they have in common between them, etc. And, when you find out, you should try to copy the modes, but not the contents. In other words, you can’t provide the same information as the competition.

You don’t need to say something completely innovative, that nobody has said before. No. But you can always give a different approach to situations, look for an angle that has not yet been analyzed.

Professional studies in this regard coincide in certain characteristics of viral infographics:

Choosing a topic of public interest They offer infinite supporting data The author takes a position and tries to defend it The texts are medium to long The lists work very well

If you manage to gather all these qualities in your infographics, you will be closer to achieving their viralization.

Optimize SEO infographics 4Optimize SEO infographics 4

Gather known information, generating something new

We said before that list-based infographics are often highly required by users. Well, when those lists involve data that interests everyone, the virality potential of the content has no ceiling. A clear example of this is this article in The Renegade Pharmacist. In it we can see an infographic that deals with the main effects that occur in the body, after consuming the famous Coca-Cola soft drink. In just a couple of days, media from around the world cited her.

Without going into details about the specific effects that Coca-Cola produces in our body, there we can notice some issues that we mentioned before. It is a product known throughout the planet. Information contrasted by scientific methods is used. The author takes a position and defends it, taking advantage of it to expand further on each of the chosen points.

Probably all that information about Coca-Cola had been written before. But, by optimizing the infographics that go with it, the content became immediately appealing to thousands of people.

Coca-Cola Effects InfographicCoca-Cola Effects Infographic

Ride the wave

Taking the previous example of Coca-Cola. A few days after that article, and in view of the fact that it worked really well, other similar infographics appeared on the scene, mostly related to the proven effects, or assumptions, that different drinks produce in the body.

One of the best known cases was that of the IRN-BRU soft drink, widely distributed throughout Scotland. Infographics soon emerged about its highly publicized effects that make us “more man” after consuming it. And although it was only a parody, the idea was perfect for specialist David McSweeney. He showed that adding to something that already performs very well is an excellent option. Again, his article became irresistible to an audience devoted to soda.

In this case, optimizing your infographics with what was a trend at the time paid off.

As you can see, considering a few essential aspects can dramatically change the fate of your infographics. Paying attention to current issues, gathering data and exposing them in a different way, or complementing other viral infographics, are suggestions that should help you.

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