How to open command prompt in Windows

Many times open command prompt in Windows It can help us solve a large number of problems related to the operating system or the applications installed in it. We are going to see the three methods that we have to be able to execute it a little below.

In our case, we have had to deal with the Windows command prompt to fix many problems. Therefore, for any Windows user it is essential to know how to open the command prompt in the event of any kind of problem.

Open command prompt from Windows start menu

Through the Windows start menu we can open a command prompt without any kind of problems and it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve it. We are simply going to have to press start and then type “Command Prompt”.

If we want to open it as administrator, we simply right click on the search result and select “Run as administrator”. If we start it with administrator privileges, a new window will open where it asks us to confirm that we want to run it with administrative permissions. We simply click on “Yes” and that’s it.

Once the window is opened as administrator, we will be able to execute any kind of command, whether it needs administrative privileges or not.

Open command prompt from run option

Many applications can be opened from the run option. We will simply have to press Windows + R and the execute box opens. Now we are going to have to type “cmd” and then hit enter.

This opens the command prompt. In case we want to open it as administrator. We just press Windows + R and type cmd, but right here we will have to press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

Use the advanced users menu

Don’t let the name scare you because it’s actually the simplest and fastest way to open Command Prompt. We will simply have to right click on the start menu in Windows 8 and 10.

Right clicking on the Windows “Start” icon displays a new menu full of options related to the operating system. Among these options we find “Command Prompt” we can enter normally or as an administrator.

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