How to open a crdownload file in Windows 10

This file format is generated by Chrome when anything is downloaded from the internet: music, documents, videos, programs, etc. So today we are going to see how to open a crdownload file in Windows 10.

Surely on many occasions you downloaded things from Chrome. When we do this, a small box appears in the lower area of ​​the browser with the download progress and if we look at the destination folder. The file we are downloading has its extension set to crdownload.

What is a crdownload file?

We just started downloading something, the browser labels the extension of said file as crdownload instead of the original extension. Once said file is finished downloading, it will be deleted, leaving what you downloaded as a result, unchanged. So we can say that it is a temporary file that the browser itself generates while it downloads.

So basically a crdownload file is a partial or incomplete file, is a partial download from Chrome. Temporary files are created during the download process and once the download is complete it will look like a totally normal file.

How to open a Chrome crdownload file in Windows 10

What we must bear in mind is that crdownload files are temporary or partial files and are not really useful at all. Therefore, the only alternative we have to open them is to complete the download of it. To achieve this we will have to do the following:

Open Chrome and go to the download section by pressing Ctrl + J. Look for the files you were downloading. Here you can resume the download by pressing on the three vertical points that are on the right side of the file.

Unable to view a crdownload while it is downloading from the browser. We can view this file in the destination folder, but we will not be able to open it. As we have mentioned before, it is an incomplete and temporary file. This means that Chrome is still downloading the same.

We can also use part of the downloaded file. For example: if we download example.mp3.crdownload. We simply right-click it and select “Rename” by removing crdownload.

What will happen is that Windows will take it as an mp3 file. However, it will not be complete so we will not be able to listen to it 100%. We cannot convert the crdownload format into other formats like AVI, MP4, etc. Since as we mentioned repeatedly, they are partial or incomplete files.

As you can see, it is quite easy to learn how to open a chrome crdownload file in Windows 10. Remember that before any kind of doubt you have, you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little below.

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