How to obtain the QR code that your business should use in CDMX?

As of this Monday, for businesses and establishments of different lines in Mexico City, the use of a tracking QR code will be mandatory to identify possible risks of contagion.

This measure, which was announced a few days ago by the CDMX authorities, is a strategy that seeks to curb the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths that have been registered in the capital of the country, which are continuing to rise. .

In this way, we are talking about a new protocol that closed establishments of the following lines of business must comply with: restaurants or establishments whose main line of business is the sale of prepared food, gyms, sports clubs, bowling alleys, exhibition galleries, museums, aquariums , casinos, betting houses, cinemas, theaters, squares and shopping centers. As well as department stores, banks and places that provide religious services, as well as public and private offices that carry out activities in person.

It is important to mention that shops such as Oxxo or 7eleven, where the stay is supposed to be a few minutes, or in large supermarkets, with large surfaces, are exempt.

The operation is simple and, according to the Digital Agency for Technological Innovation, it is a system that does not violate the privacy of users, since it only keeps the telephone number of the attendees in a database that will be deleted every 15 days .

Thus, before entering one of the aforementioned establishments, all visitors must scan the code with their mobile device. With this, the telephone number will be stored which will be kept in a database that will be compared with the related records of positive cases of Covid-19. In this way, it will be possible to know if an infected person was in a particular place and notify those who attended on the same date about the possible risk to invite them to take a test.

In the event that the attendees’ phone does not have the capacity to read QR codes, it will be necessary to send the seven seven digits of the establishment’s registration folio by means of a text message (SMS) to the number 51515.

With this in context, the establishments obliged to follow this measure have this weekend to carry out the registration around this program and obtain the codes that must be located at the entry points of the aforementioned closed places.

In this sense, the steps to obtain the code are the following:

The owners responsible for the establishments involved (whether individuals or companies) must enter the page: From this space, the business must be registered with general data. Subsequently, you must download the letter of commitment to comply with the sanitary measures, which will contain a QR code. This document should be printed and placed in a conspicuous place at the entrance of the establishment to make it easier for customers to scan. It is important to mention that those in charge of the establishments should promote the scanning of this code.