Despite the fact that the brands are committed to incorporating better specifications and technical benefits to their terminals, which translates into better processors, more RAM memory and a better photographic section, there is a key aspect that, despite having improved over time , we believe that it has not been enough: the autonomy of mobile phones.

We all hate that in the middle of our working day we have to find a plug because the battery in our smartphone is running out. Although accessories such as power banks help us to last a few more hours, Ideally, a mobile phone battery should last a full day or even longer.

Curiously, the low / medium range Android fulfills this very well, and it is that for some strange reason the companies provide up to 5,000 mAh batteries in this type of phone, a figure much higher than what their older brothers normally have. Now, let’s not be alarmed. As a general rule, any current phone reaches the autonomy of a day. The problem is that with the passage of time and especially with use, we are checking how the battery in our terminal lasts less and less. Is it because of wear? Why do we use it more and more? Why do apps consume more and more energy?

Hence, users have spent years and years looking for ways in which the batteries in our products do not wear out. We have consulted thousands of tutorials, tried thousands of tips and we have even swallowed more than one hoax and lie related to batteries, but the result has always been the same. So, Is there a way to increase the battery of our mobile? Well more or less yes.

9 tips to increase the battery life of a mobile phone

A group of researchers from the University of Michigan has developed a list with the 9 keys to make the battery of our smartphones last intact as long as possible. Although many of these tips we already knew, it never hurts to remember them, especially because there are not a few times that due to misuse of the terminal or simple oversights, we are the main culprits for damaging the health of our battery.

Avoid high temperatures when we use the device
Avoid low temperatures when we charge the device
Do not leave the device at 100% charge for a long time
Do not leave the device with 0% charge for a long time
Avoid using quick chargers unless necessary
Avoid apps or services that download the device faster than usual
Do not leave the device in places with high humidity
Avoid battery damage
Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when calibrating the battery

In summary, the tips could be summarized in avoid places with very high and humid temperatures and especially do not force the battery excessively. Curiously, this group of researchers also advises not to use fast chargers, and this is not the first time that we have heard that this type of charger degrades batteries much faster than conventional ones.

Beyond that we verify that there is no magic to extend the life of a battery But it is true that by following these tips we will make it less degraded over time. The battery is one of the most important elements of a mobile phone and you have to take care of it, especially now that no manufacturer is betting on devices with removable batteries.

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