How to make your iPhone read Google news aloud to you

In one of the latest updates to the ‘Google’ app, the app is capable of read the news aloud, be it news, analysis or any type of content that has been sneaked into the Google news section.

We are going to show you how you can make the Google application will read the news aloud to you, with a quite natural voice. It is a very convenient way to find out about the latest without having to read.

How to make Google read the news to you on iOS

If we want to access Discover on the iPhone we have to download the ‘Google’ app, since for logical reasons it is not integrated into the iOS home screen. When you open the app, it will show us the news directly.

As usual to read them, click on the news that we want to see. In the top bar, you will see an icon of a person speaking. By clicking on it you will see the option to ‘Listen now’.

The reproduction is more than complete: the multimedia player is displayed, so we can add other news to the queue, play the news in the background, advance it, share it, etc.

The option is more than complete since, by giving it, we access the multimedia control of the news, that is: we can pause it, advance it, share it, send it to our audio devices, put it in the queue to play a few, etc. As we said, the voice is quite natural, so it is very convenient for them to read the news to us.

The thing does not end here, since it can also read us aloud any news that we search through Google. Within this app, in the search bar, we search for what we want (as if we were in our usual browser). And news website that we visit, website that can play sound.

When working with the native player, we can play the news in the background, as if it were a podcast or a song. Undoubtedly a more than useful option to save time and continue enjoying the news.


How to make your iPhone read Google news aloud to you