The accessibility options of our phones are mainly designed for people with some motor, visual and other problems, although any other user can use these types of functions to make the most of your phone.

We are going to tell you how you can achieve that the phone read the content on the screen so you can, for example, listen to this article out loud while doing anything else without worrying about your phone.

Reading the screen of your mobile

In the case that we use an Android device, we can activate the Accessibility options to make the contents of our screen read aloud. This is a useful option if, for example, we are busy doing anything else. and we want the mobile to tell us what’s on the screen. News, messages and any type of text can be read.

If we talk about Android, we have to go to accessibility settings. The location of them depends on our personalization layer, so if you do not find them, all you have to do is search for ‘Accessibility’ in the search bar, since all devices have it under this name.

Once here we have to click on ‘List selection’ and activate the option. This allows us select text or image for the mobile to tell us what you are seeing. Note that in the case of Google this option works quite well, since Google has very controlled the subject of voice control, so it becomes quite enjoyable to hear the text in this format.

If we talk about iOS we must also go to the accessibility options. Here we have to click on ‘VoiceOver’, the Apple option to
 read the text on the screen. We can change the tone, voice and other elements here. Apple also has quite natural text reading.

The option can be deactivated by following the same process in reverse. The main difference here is that with the iPhone we have to select the text that we want to hear, while in Android a play button will appear when it detects that there is text on the screen.

         How to make the phone read aloud the content on the screen