How to make Safari open your old tabs on Mac?

If you have a Mac and you use it every day, you probably already know that some operations with its native browser can be a bit frustrating. After all, Safari is a good program but one that, compared to others, makes carrying out certain tasks a bit complicated for us. It is not that it does not have them, but that we have no notion about how to use them. For this reason, today we want to give you a hand in this regard. Quickly, we are going to teach you how to do that Safari open your previous tabs in Mac.

At what times can this procedure be interesting? Above all, when for some reason you have to restart Safari on your Mac and you lose everything you’ve been working on in your windows and tabs. Sure you can recover it manually, but that will take several minutes, and if you are in a hurry you will end up hating it. Fortunately, there is an easy way to make Safari restore your session each time the application starts. Right there we want to stop, because all MacOS users should know how to do it.

Safari previous tabs 2Safari previous tabs 2

Tell Safari to open your previous tabs on Mac

Start Safari on your Mac as usual At the top of the screen, click on the menu and go to Preferences Once in this section, go to the General tab and search for “Safari opens with” A new menu will appear, and you have to select “All windows from the last session” Close Preferences, and restart Safari to check the result yourself

It should be clarified, beyond what we have mentioned so far, that there are other very interesting issues to pay attention to. During the procedure, you will see that Apple also allows you to choose whether you want to recover “All windows from the last session” or “All non-private windows from the last session”. That is, if you had some private windows and you want all but those to return, you can do it without any inconvenience.

From then on, Safari will get your windows and tabs back, unless you undo this tutorial.

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