How to make natural and homemade Botox to take years off your face. | PHOTO: UNSPLASH

Wrinkles and fine lines make a presence on our skin sooner or later, but there are ways to delay their appearance, without the need for surgery or trying aggressive and expensive treatments. For that, we will tell you how to make homemade and natural botox to take years off your face.

The natural elements of this effective mask, considered as natural Botox, make the skin of your skin regain the necessary firmness, avoiding or delaying the signs of aging.

The main active ingredients of which this mask is composed are: lutein, vitamin E and latic acid, these anti-aging components that act together on your skin.

According to research from Harvard University, one of the strongest antioxidants is lutein, which is found in the dark green leaves of some vegetables. Experts say that lutein is just as effective if ingested in food or applied directly to the skin.

Natural and homemade Botox effect mask

With this natural and homemade remedy, no need to submit to your face with painful Botox injections, which in the long run can cause negative effects on your skin. Prepare it yourself at home, following the recipe below.

-200g spinach

-200g green cabbage

-¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

-¼ cup heavy cream

How to make natural and homemade Botox to take years off your face. PHOTO: PEXELS

Cook the spinach and cabbage in water for 5 minutes. Then, remove the water and crush and mix very well. Add the olive oil and milk cream over the vegetables, and stir until you get a smooth paste.

Subsequently, apply it to your face, previously washed with neutral soap, and dry. With the help of a brush or brush, spread it on your face and neck, with vertical movements, from the bottom up. Let it act for 10 minutes and then remove it with warm water. Finally, wash with cold water to close the pores.

If you have a mask left, you can store it in a tightly closed container, or in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator, and use it another time. It is recommended to repeat the routine 3-4 times a week.

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