Instagram is the social network with the greatest visual attractions, because finally its goal is that … take you for a walk around the world and teach your dreams, preferences and achievements through the use of images. Taking into account the enormous popularity it has gained throughout the world, it is one of the spaces that you can get the most from to advertise your business or make a profile of yourself, if you want to be known around the world. Here we tell you how to make an attractive Instagram profile for your business or to start selling your brand.

How to start?

Give it a personality. What do you want to express through Instagram and what kind of audience do you want to reach? These are vital questions that you must answer to know the type of content and images that you are going to place on your board.

Take care that your photos are homogeneousIn other words, it highlights a particular color or object that is the central axis of your content. That will give it a very particular style and the others will be able to identify that this profile is yours … and nobody else’s.

Do something different from the rest of the others. Enough of the profiles where funny puppies appear, beaches or the same types of pose both female and male. Differentiate yourself from those classic profiles and do something that talks about you and nobody else. Don’t be a clone of what is already successful: risk being yourself and print a unique personality.

Be creative. This goes hand in hand with the above: see what’s on Instagram and get inspired to create something unique and not a replica of other people’s things. Try different photos. Try to give your images unusual filters. You don’t have to be an artist to get a work that stands out from the rest.

Choose an attractive name. Remember that in addition to high-quality photos, another attraction of your Instagram profile will be a name that is unforgettable for others. Dig into variants of your name, investigate the meaning of certain words … all this will help you choose a name with a hook.

Establish publication hours. At this point you should also be strategic for your publications. At what times do you think your followers will follow you more or at what times do you want them to know something? Establish a temporality and don’t let whole days or weeks go by without saying something to your followers.

Pay attention to the quality of your images. It will be vital, since above all Instagram is a purely visual social network, so you have to be insightful enough to attract the attention of those who reach your profile. Take photos with a unique personality and with proper work to make them look good. In this sense, it is advisable that you invest in a good team that helps you to keep your images fresh and professional.

Take care of your followers. Once your Instagram profile is ready, don’t forget that interaction with your followers will be vital to create a faithful community. The more you show them that their comments are important to you, to the same extent they will respond positively to everything you do.

Investing in social network profiles, and especially Instagram, is one of the most effective ways of reaching a large audience, since a large part of the world lives in these digital spaces that have become a showcase from which users seek what what do they want. Go to them and start offering your personal brand or that of your business.

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