If you need to make a bank deposit to an account of the same bank to which you belong or to a third party but you want to avoid the long lines that take place outside the institutions, online banking can be your solution. Read: The Hot Sale started; avoid falling for fraud

For this you only need to have installed the APP of your Bank as well as registered the security token, which is like a security key to access your banking resources.

Several banks already use Online Banking and among those that stand out for their popularity are Banamex, BBVA, Banorte and Santander, which allow you to make bank transfers quickly and efficiently.

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The steps to follow for bank transfers to an account of the same bank or another bank according to their institutions are as follows:


The application of this bank is called Banorte Móvil in which you can send money quickly to whoever you want without registering the destination account previously. The app can be downloaded at banorte.com/banortemovil

The steps to follow are:

Enter the Banorte Mobile App, choose your account and click “Quick Transfer”.
 Select the bank, enter the account / card number and the amount to transfer.
 Review the information, confirm, enter your password and you’re done.


The application of this bank is called Santander Súper Móvil and the steps to follow are the following:

Enter the application
 Select the option Payments and transfers and then transfers
 Enter the account number or card number and the amount to transfer
 You confirm that the data is correct and you confirm the operation and that’s it.


Citibanamex Móvil or Net Banking and to make a bank transfer or payment you must perform the following steps:
 You enter the app
 You select transfers and payments
 You choose the withdrawal account from where the money will be taken and the deposit account or bank card.
 Enter the amount and confirm the data.

BBVA (Bancomer)

After downloading the BBVA APP and entering your access codes, follow these steps:

In the drop-down menu select “make an operation” and choose “transfers”
 Verify the origin account and write the account and beneficiary number to which you are going to send the money
 Select the amount
 Select the type of transfer you want to make and select continue, in this case there are two: normal transfer / transfer or immediate transfer
 Write the concept of the transfer
 Confirm the data
 Enter the SMS password and click “accept”

It should be noted that these banks allow your transfers to be 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you will not have to be pressured by the time the bank “closes”.