How to maintain hygiene in your intimate area after having sex | Pexels

How to maintain hygiene in your intimate area after having sex. The way in which we clean our body after an intimate encounter is very important for prevent diseasesIf you want to know how to do it in the best way, we have some tips.

Some studies surveyed Latin American women about their hygiene habits, which showed that in most cases the way in which they seek their intimate area After having intercourse, it is not adequate to keep this area healthy, which is surprising since it is almost 70% of the respondents.

During the intimate relations Women change the pH of their intimate zone when coming into contact with a man, which can cause some bacteria to develop, resulting in infections or even diseases that harm them in the long term.

For keep your intimate area healthy proper cleaning is necessary after intercourse, so gynecologists recommend following some tips on how to clean and what products to use to maintain intimate hygiene.

To start, it is recommended that you use neutral cleaners so that they do not modify your pH, and that they do not cause irritation. It is recommended to apply a small amount in this area and rub gently, rinsing with plenty of water. intimate hygiene products As towels or deodorants they can cause allergies or irritation and are not recommended.

It is also not recommended to use sponges or similar objects to clean as they can contain germs, or the famous vaginal washes, finally you must dry carefully and the use of clean cotton towels is recommended, to avoid that the humidity produces bacteria.

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