In this new normal, brands, establishments and stores have migrated to contactless technology, many did not do so out of innovation but out of necessity.

Contactless is a technology that arrived in Mexico in 2017, however it is until today that it becomes relevant due to the issue of the pandemic. According to Kardmatcher, “contactless is a technology that allows the cardholder to make a payment by simply bringing their plastic or smart device to a point of sale terminal, without having to have contact with the terminal when passing the card through the magnetic stripe reader. This is thanks to technologies called RFID and NFC (near field communication), which, by means of emitted radio frequency signals, avoid contact of cards with sales terminals ”.

Brands and stores had to change their payment methods to avoid losing sales during the quarantine, however, now it is a reality.

Faced with this new situation and the forced change that they faced and are facing. A relevant topic that I would like to raise this week is, how do brands or companies ensure they maintain excellent customer service without having contact? What is necessary to enable in order not to lose sight of the quality and experience of our clients? Above all, in brands or businesses that are B2C where it is key within the “customer journey”.

In theory this new technology improves the customer experience; However, for hotels, for example, it can represent a barrier to personalized service.

This is when we as marketers must take advantage of and launch digital strategies in Apps such as cross-selling / upselling.

For the experience that hotels provide, for example, it is time to be creative and take advantage of the digital transformation of society to include digital menus, applications where room service can be requested and all the drinks or services that are required during the stay. As well as the service quality surveys that these have already been done digitally for a long time. Simply and simply create a digital, contactless, enjoyable and secure experience.

I end with this phrase from Steve Jobs: “Stay close to your customers. So close that you are the one to tell them what they need, long before they realize what they need ”.