How to locate an AliExpress package

You will no longer suffer from locating your AliExpress packages

AliExpress is one of the product sales platforms preferred by Spaniards, to such an extent that the Asian company invented the AliExpress Plazas concept, to reduce long waiting times, although many prefer to save a few euros and continue to buy with shipments from China. Or simply there are products that only have stock in China.

That’s where Tracking an order for 30-45 days can be quite an ordeal, in which many people end up regretting buying on AliExpress, so here we will explain some simple ways to locate your package and know where you are.

How to track an AliExpress package

how to track a package on aliexpress

The first thing you should know is that from the same page or AliExpress app you can verify where your purchase is located.

Enter the app or the official website of AliExpressGo to My accountIn section Orders, click on See everythingThere you will see a list of all your orders, and in each one you can give Track or Track order if you are from the web

Once you have completed all this procedure, you will see the entire route that your package has made so far.

Another way to do it is through some websites that offer this service, but in the same way, you will have to access your AliExpress account to obtain the tracking number of the package. This number can be found in the same section of Tracing, It is important not to confuse order number with tracking number, since with the first we will not be able to track it in any way.

Once you have this number, you can enter the Parcelsapp, Ship24 or Postal Ninja website and place it in the search engine that will appear. Although it seems double work to enter AliExpress and then go to another page, remember that the number can be written down in your notes app to have it every time you want to monitor your package, this way you avoid a couple of extra steps that you have to do in AliExpress.

AliExpress simplifies beer time with this curious gadget

Receive notifications when your package changes status

If it is your first time shopping on AliExpress or you do it very infrequently, maybe the solutions we have talked about will help you, but if you use the Chinese website regularly, locating multiple packages can be very tiring.

pkget app locate packages

If this is your case, you will surely need something more effective like the application. This application allows you to keep track of all your orders, not only from AliExpress, but also from Amazon, Wish, Shein, eBay, Walmart, El Corte Inglés and many more.

Download the application from the button that we leave you below, register and that’s it, you just have to add the packages you want to track. You can add each order one by one, or import them all at once with the import tracking numbers option that appears on the main screen.

In Settings you can activate push notifications to notify you every time a package is moved. You can pay a subscription to remove the advertising and have no packet limit.

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