how to listen to videos with other apps open on your iPhone

YouTube stops playing content as soon as you close the app if you are a free user. Here we tell you how to fix that on your iPhone.

Listen or watch the videos of Youtube while doing other activities is becoming more and more a necessity for any user of iPhone or Android.

The sad reality is that the popular platform’s app by default does not allow you to produce content in the background unless you pay.

As we already reviewed yesterday on Android There are some tricks with which this restriction can be solved and fortunately the owners of an iPhone also have the possibility of jumping that obstacle.

Fewer options but still possible

As many of us already know, iOS looks more like Android every day, allowing greater scope for actions and personalization among users.

However, there are specific features where you are still slightly behind schedule and may need to wait longer for them to get there. But it is still possible to enjoy YouTube in the background with this alternative.

Use a web browser

It has the same principle as in Android. It is necessary to enter the YouTube website to view everything from there. But there are some details to consider.

Since it is possible to use the Apple Control Center with some other browsers to bypass YouTube restrictions.

On iOS Firefox and Opera Touch There are two browsers that work to listen to content from that platform in the background by following these steps:

First, go to YouTube from the browser of your choice.
Then find the video that interests you.
Once you’ve found and opened the video, switch to the desktop version of the site.
Now go back to the home screen and swipe up to show the Control Center.
A play button should appear there to resume video audio in the background even when the screen is off.

Or pay YouTube Premium

The other option on iOS, unfortunately, is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. You have to pay but there are family plans to benefit more. And it makes things easier.