How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp, all the available options

You don’t know if a contact blocked you on WhatsApp and you want to find out? There are several ways to find out, all can be done from your phone and without putting anyone at risk. We will discover all the steps you can take to find out if they blocked you.

WhatsApp is one of those applications that have become as essential as the phone app itself. Even more, surely you use WhatsApp to a greater extent than phone calls. Having all the contacts available by instant messaging has done a lot, hence it is strange to send messages to someone and they do not answer. Then the question arises: has he blocked me? Let’s see how to find out.

Do you suspect that you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

The first thing is to start with the most basic checks. Since any investigation needs a suspicion, there are several signs that can indicate a blockage. Surely you have already fallen into them because otherwise you would not be reading this, but it is always convenient to make sure.

The first indications that give rise to a suspicion of blocking in WhatsApp are the following:

No longer answer. If the contact you used to talk with has stopped answering overnight, it may be that they have blocked you. Or that he just got upset about something you said and now ignores you.
The double flag of the delivered message no longer appears. This is another clear indication to suspect that you were blocked: that all your messages with the contact in question remain with the unique ‘tick’ or mark. That is, the double ‘tick’ does not appear under each message, nor are they colored blue.

Having a single mark in the messages is an indication that there may be a blockage

With these two previous signs you can already see that something strange is happening. It does not have to be a blockage since, simply, the other contact may be resting from the smartphone, maybe the phone has broken or some problem has occurred. It is best to follow common sense: If you think something may have happened to him, take the opportunity to make a call.

You must respect the other person’s decision: if they have blocked you, or have simply decided not to talk to you, they will have their reasons

In the event that you know perfectly that nothing happened to the contact, you have to enter the matter and find out if they blocked you on WhatsApp. Let’s look at all the options available beyond the obvious ones.

Broadly speaking, these are all the steps you must follow to find out if someone blocked you on WhatsApp:

See if their profile picture has disappeared, both from the chats and from the contact information.
Check if the last connection time no longer appears.
If you do not receive new statuses it is a sign that it may have blocked you.
Try to add him to a group: if it is impossible for you, there is a good chance that you are blocked.
If you call and he does not answer, it is another of the tests that shows blocking.

Let’s see how to put each of the steps into practice in detail.

Check if your profile picture appears

Left, profile before blocking; right, profile after contact blocks us

When a contact is blocked on WhatsApp he stops receiving the private information of the person who has blocked him. The messages make up the main part (the double ‘tick’ of delivery does not appear), but there is also other private information that is not shared. Like the profile picture.

Access the chat you had with the contact that you think has blocked you. If your image no longer appears is a tangible demonstration that there is a blockage, at least if that person has always had a profile picture.

Check if your last connection time appears

Does your last connection date appear? If it does not appear, and his profile photo does not appear, you can be suspicious

Another symptom of blocking on WhatsApp is that the last connection time has disappeared. If you enter the chat with the contact, and that information no longer appears when it did leave before, something strange will surely happen. It may not allow you to see the last connection time, but it is usually rare that you activate that possibility from one day to the next.

Can you see their WhatsApp statuses?

The statuses are included in the private information of the users that WhatsApp prevents from seeing when a block is established. So, to find out if someone added you to their blacklist, you can look at their status. What used to publish news and now they don’t appear to you? It is a symptom of blockage.

When they block you, you will stop seeing the new statuses, not those that your WhatsApp has already downloaded

Since WhatsApp statuses is not a function that is used much they are not very decisive to establish whether or not there is a blockage. Quite the opposite of the following steps: they will allow you to be almost 100% insured.

Try adding him to a group

This is a fairly conclusive test that will allow you to discover if that contact has blocked you on WhatsApp: open a new group and try to add it. If you can, it is evident that he did not block you. Otherwise, there are many possibilities of a blockage; Although, simply, your contact may have restricted invitations to groups (for all the invitations or only for some contacts, maybe there you go).

This procedure makes it possible to tighten the fence at the conclusion of the blockade, but it has a clear drawback: if you are not on their blacklist the contact will see the group invitation. So make sure you have an excuse before sending the invitation.

Make a voice call on WhatsApp

If his last connection time does not appear, he appears without a profile and does not answer you when you call him, that contact has almost certainly blocked you

One way to definitely find out if you were blocked is to try to make a call. Just open the chat with the contact and try to call him: if communication is established, it means that you have not been blocked. Otherwise, it is most likely that you are not allowed to contact that person using WhatsApp. Be careful, it may also have run out of battery, have no data or have lost the mobile.

This method has a trade-off: if it hasn’t blocked you the contact will see that you are calling. So find yourself an excuse before setting up the call so that, if it happens, you won’t be caught off guard. You should also take into account the possibility that their phone has no line: repeat attempts to call several times.

That all the methods indicate a block does not guarantee 100% that possibility: it is likely that the other contact has lost the mobile, no longer uses WhatsApp or wants to take a break

Remember: blocking by WhatsApp is not the end of the world

We all have the right not to reply to messages, to ignore the sender or to block them. And if it is finally you who has suffered the blockade you must assume it and value why you received it. Perhaps you send too many messages, require a lot of attention, or the other person may simply seek their own experience with WhatsApp. Any choice is just as respectable.