How to know if you are being located with Find my friends

Find my friends, which is now integrated into the Find app, is the Apple app to share your location with friends and family. It can be very useful in many cases, but it can also be somewhat dangerous.

find apple devices appThe Search app on Apple devices

It is likely that you don’t always want to share your location in the Find app on the iPhone, so we are going to explain how to stop sharing your location and know if they track your location.

Locating someone else’s iPhone without them knowing is something relatively easy with the Find and Find My Friends app, although this can generate many legal problems. The Search app sends a notification to the other person that they must accept, and from then on that iPhone can be tracked without them noticing.

How to know if my location is tracked with the iPhone and Find my friends

The first thing you should know is that there are different apps to track the location of the iPhone, here we are going to analyze the one that use the Search app, but there are other types of apps to locate you.

iPhone locationIs someone spying on you?

To know which users may be locating your iPhone, you must follow these steps. Remember that Find My Friends is not compatible with Android, only with other Apple devices.

Enter the Settings from your iPhone. At the top click on your profile. Now enter the section Search for. Below will appear the contacts that can track your iPhone.

app find iPhoneThe Find app on iPhone

How to stop sharing my location in Find My Friends

Yes you don’t want to share your location With some of the contacts that you have seen that can track your iPhone, follow the same steps as above and then:

Tap on the contact or family member. Then below tap on Do not share location. You can too turn off the Share my location switch. Entering the app Search for and in I, you can also disable Share my location.
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If you don’t want anyone to be able to locate you, remove that contact from Search or directly deactivate the Share location option. You should know that this is separate from Find My iPhone, which you can continue to use normally.