How to know if my location is being tracked on iPhone

Our iPhone is a device capable of knowing where we are thanks to GPS technology, this is widely used on many occasions, but it can also be a danger. There are numerous apps that allow us to share our location in real time, and someone may try to track your iPhone without permission.

iPhone locationIs someone spying on you?

That is why we are going to show you which apps can track your location and how to know if they have located you from the iPhone. Only you should share your location and no one can track you without permission.

How to know if my iPhone is tracked

There are many apps that access our location, this is normal since for many functions it is essential, the problem is that someone can track this location.

If you access Settings> Privacy> Location You will see a list of the apps that can access the location, and if there is an arrow next to them, that app has recently used the location.

iPhone 12 ProPrevent your iPhone from being located

There are several apps with which the iPhone can be tracked, and although all of them they need our consent, maybe someone activate this function and we do not realize. That is why we are going to analyze the most popular services to see if they are looking for you by GPS.

How to know if you are sharing your location in Find My Friends

The Find my friends app, now called just Find, allows us to share our location with our family and friends in a comfortable and simple way. But to do so, we have previously had to accept the invitation.

To check if you are sharing your location from Find on iPhone, follow these steps:

Enter the Settings from your iPhone. At the top click on your profile. Now enter the section Search for. Below will appear the contacts that can track your iPhone. If you do not want to share your location with any of them, click on the contact and then on Do not share location. You can too turn off the Share my location switch.

Location SearchAvoid being found from the Search app on your iPhone

How to know if you are sharing your location on WhatsApp

From WhatsApp we can share our location for a long time, but we are the ones who must send it. However, relatively recently, they activated a function to share our geolocation in real time with another contact.

To deactivate this function we must do the following:

We came in WhatsApp and down we touch on Setting. Now you have to enter Bill and then in Privacy. There is a section called Real time locationIf you are sharing it, it will appear with whom. Entering you will deactivate that they locate you by mobile from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp locationTurn off WhatsApp’s real-time location

How to know if you are sharing your location on Telegram

In the same way that happens with WhatsApp, from Telegram we can share our punctual location and our location in real time, a location that updates as you move.

When entering Telegram, you will see in the upper section a sign that indicates that you are sharing your location in real time with a certain contact. When you press it, you will enter the chat and all you have to do is press and hold the share location message and delete it for both of you.

Telegram locationTelegram shows if you are sharing your location in real time

How to know if you are sharing your location on Google Maps

Google Maps also allows us to share our locations in real time with another contact or email from Gmail. Enter Google Maps, click on our profile and on Share location, we can share the location in real time.

Now that you’re there, if entering Google Maps, our photo and Share location a contact appears, is that they track our iPhone. Tap on the contact and then on Stop to stop sharing the location.

Location Google mapsAvoid sharing your location from Google Maps

How to know who is tracking my location

The good thing about all these cases is that we can know who is the one that is tracking our location. Whether you have used Search, WhatsApp, Telegram or Google Maps, in all these apps the name with which we are sharing the location appears.

In the Search app, contacts that can know your location appear and you can delete them. In WhatsApp the location is shared with the chat of one or more users. The same thing happens in Telegram, you can see the chat of the contact that tracks you. And Google Maps shows you which email or Google account can locate you by mobile.
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You have to have a lot beware of location services, you never know. If we leave our iPhone to someone, they may activate one of these apps to locate us whenever they want. Now you know how to avoid it.