How to know if my iPhone has been hacked with malware

According to Apple, iPhones are the safest mobiles on the market. But what happens when the user himself puts this security at risk?

The Iphone is not immune to malware and if the user manages to open the doors to these, their device may present some alerts that the user can take into account to know if their iPhone has been hacked.

iPhone hackAn iPhone can also be hacked and there are three notable signs to detect it.

IPhones can also be attacked with malware

Although Apple constantly works to offer functions so that its devices have a high security, the reality is that they are not invulnerable to malware that could affect the user.

These malware can arrive in different ways, such as the recent case of fake WhatsApp. This puts not only the device at risk, but also the personal information housed in this.

Andreas Grant from Networks Hardware mentioned three signs obvious to start suspecting if an iPhone has been hacked.

A slow iPhone

“The most common thing that happens when an iPhone is hacked is that it drastically slows down …

When an iPhone turns out to be hacked, it tends to have poor performance, as the different processes that the malware needs to carry out on those of the phone’s own system saturate the iPhone, slowing down the actions and use of applications on the mobile.

I have iPhone hackedGrant says that malware often runs in the background consuming CPU. Notifications

“If you suddenly start experiencing spammy pop-ups more than usual, it could be a sign that your device is compromised”

Notifications or pop-ups are one of the most obvious signs that an iPhone is hacked. These windows usually lead to websites or create openings within native apps.

Hack iPhone notificationsAbout this problem Grant says: “If this is the case, you probably have a malware called adware. Make the device show you specific ads that generate revenue through clicks »

Increased use of mobile data

“If an iPhone is hacked, it will greatly increase data usage, often double or triple”

Malware transmit the stolen personal information to other points such as servers, when performing this action they need the constant use of data for the transfer. This is noticeable to the user and could immediately detect which application is causing this problem.

My iPhone is hackedSudden high data consumption is one of the most noticeable signs when the iPhone has been hacked.

The easiest way to avoid these types of attacks is to avoid unknown websites and networks. Do not install profiles or “cracked” applications, always be sure of the computers to which the iPhone connects and be careful with the use that is given to the device.