Google Maps celebrated its 15th anniversary with a logo change and new functions, a time when the Mountain View company’s mapping application has been adding features with which to improve its user experience, such as the landing of Google Translate or its “motorcycle mode” in some countries. But the company continues to offer news to its users, and now its popular application is capable of indicate which restaurants deliver at home.

Millions of people throughout the world are currently at home unable to go out because of coronavirus (Covid-19), a deadly epidemic that over time expands further. In the midst of this quarantine, Google has released the new Google Maps updates, both for Android and iOS devices, with which it receives a new function: now the app highlights the restaurants with home delivery options, and it does it in a simple and direct way.

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Now, as they indicate in Engadget, on the main screen of the app you can find a button to see which premises have this option active home delivery. Of course, it should be noted that this new feature of Google Maps will not allow ordering food unless there is direct integration, but it is a good way to help explore the restaurants in your neighborhood and thus supporting a local business during quarantine.

A button indicating the restaurants with home delivery

This new function will serve so that people can order food at home during quarantine, but also as a means to support small local businesses while this coronavirus quarantine lasts, which, in Spain, will keep millions of people, at the moment, in their homes until the end of April; since you can only leave the home to shop, walk the dog or go to the pharmacy.

At the moment this new function only available in countries like the United States, France and Canada, but it is expected that it will also reach other territories in the near future. A function that can also serve as a reminder of those places that you will not be able to go to for the time being during the quarantine, but, unlike other food delivery applications, you can supporting local restaurants, try their dishes and, if you like, know where to go once this quarantine is over.

It should also be remembered that the Mountain View company continues to think about its users, since it announced at the time that it offered free of charge one of its star products to fight coronavirus (Covid-19). Specifically, Google makes available to users at no cost the functions of your Hangouts Meet service Aiming to help workers and students who have been forced to stay in their homes “Stay connected”, despite not being in the same place.

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