How to know if a person received the vaccine against covid-19?

Is there a risk of spreading the virus after being vaccinated? 1:05

(CNN Spanish) – In this Friday’s episode we answer the doubts of our audience about the vaccine against covid-19. Also, we clarify doubts about sequelae and the spread of the disease.

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Hello, I am Dr. Elmer Huerta and this is your daily dose of information about the new coronavirus. Information that we hope will be useful to take care of your health and that of your family.

Today we will answer some questions that we have been asked on our Twitter account @DrHuerta.

Questions about covid-19 vaccines

This week, several listeners, including Ojos de uva, Pepe, Daniel, and Pedraza, ask: How to know if a person has been vaccinated against covid-19, what kind of tests can be done?

Hello, you can actually measure the neutralizing antibodies of type S1 and S2, but the problem is that since this test is not yet standardized, it is not possible to make an adequate interpretation of the results.

In other words, a negative result does not eliminate the possibility that you received the vaccine.

Hi Jess, great question.

What would happen is that – if any of you were infected – he would be protected from serious disease, but not you.

Of course I do, Aysha.

The CDC recommends vaccination for everyone who has had COVID-19, and it should be done at any time after the quarantine ends.

Hi Dagoberto, I think the best thing is that you start protecting yourself from now on, and when the time comes, protect yourself again if second-generation vaccines are developed.

It is better to be protected than vulnerable to a serious complication of the disease.

Hello Gustavo, of course it is.

The CDC says that, knowing that the course of the disease is two weeks and if it does not complicate, you should receive the second dose at 21 days, but you could postpone it for a few days if necessary.

Questions about the contagion and the aftermath of the coronavirus

Hello Eliana, I am very sorry. As we saw in the episode of January 12, 5% of patients still did not recover their smell six months after having suffered the disease.

We recommend that you follow up with the neurologist.

Hi David, since postcovid-19 antibody tests are not yet standardized, it is difficult to answer your question.

It is not well known which antibody values ​​give protection.

Good question Michelle.

If it goes out, the patient with covid-19, like any person, must go out with their double mask on and keep a physical distance of at least two meters from other people.

Questions about previous conditions and the vaccine

Hello Sergio, there would be no problem for you to get vaccinated. You must protect yourself.

Hello YoMero, there is no interaction – or as people call it “a cross” – between the vaccine and a drug.

Hello Casti, any of the vaccines in use in the world can be used by a person allergic to a drug.

Anyway, I beg you to ask your GP.

Hello María del Pilar, there is no problem with your father receiving any of those vaccines.

Excellent question Johnny. I think your wife can get vaccinated, but because she has fewer nodes in both armpits, she should ask for the thigh muscles to be vaccinated.

The lymph nodes in the armpits are the places where the vaccine begins to activate lymphocytes or defense cells.

Hi Violeta, tell your mom that studies have already been done and intramuscular injection in people taking warfarin will not cause complications from clots or bleeding.

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